Phillips 66 Company

Employee Leave Policies

There may be times when you need to take an extended leave from your job to manage personal or family obligations, care for yourself or an ill family member, or serve in the military. The policies outlined below cover each type of leave and explain the impact of your leave on your job, your pay and your benefits.

HR Connections

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Family and Medical Leave (FMLA)

If you need to take extended leave to care for a new child, deal with your own or a family member’s serious health condition or due to issues relating to a military leave, you may be entitled to federally-protected unpaid FMLA leave. Find out what qualifies for FMLA leave and what happens if you take it.

Military Leave

You may be entitled to paid or unpaid leave for active service in the military. Our Military Leave Policy includes details for non-store employees.

Disability Leave

If you’re ill or have been injured and are unable to work, you may be eligible for disability leave after your vacation and Short-Term Disability (STD) benefits are exhausted.

Personal Leave

An unpaid personal leave may be the best way for you to deal with personal matters that require extended time off. This policy explains how you can take a personal leave without causing a break in your continuous Phillips 66 service.

Serious Illness in Family

If you have a family member with a serious illness, you may be eligible for paid time off under these leave policies.

Death in Family

If you experience a death in the family, you may be eligible for paid time off under these leave policies.

Civic Duty Leave

Phillips 66 provides paid time off for you to perform your civic duty, whether it’s serving on a jury, being a witness in court proceedings or voting.

Community Service Leave

Phillips 66 values volunteerism in the community and, beginning on September 1, 2016, will have a new Community Service Leave to provide you with paid time off to volunteer in your community. In 2016, employees will be eligible for one day to volunteer; beginning in 2017, employees will be eligible for two days.

Excused Leave with Pay and Hardship Assistance

You may be eligible for paid leave if your facility is closed, you’ve been affected by a natural disaster or wish to assist with disaster relief, to support a family member through substance abuse rehabilitation, or to go with your spouse on a house hunting trip in the event of a transfer. Phillips 66 will also provide employees with cash assistance and loans if they are displaced from their house or suffer personal loss following a natural disaster.