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If you should have to face a serious illness or injury, our Short-Term Disability (STD) and Long-Term Disability (LTD) Plans offer valuable income protection.

Health & Well-Being Tools

The links below will help with reviewing your options:

LTD Premiums

See the monthly premiums below (effective January 1, 2018 to December 31, 2018) to compare plan pricing:

Plan Monthly LTD Premiums
Basic LTD (50% of your pre-disability earnings) $0.473 per $100 of pre-disability earnings
Enhanced LTD (60% of your pre-disability earnings) $0.614 per $100 of pre-disability earnings

Click here for complete Employee Monthly Premiums.

Note: Store employees are not eligible for LTD coverage.

STD and LTD Details

See below for information on the STD and LTD Plans.

Using the Plan

Use the links below to access plan benefits and services.

STD Contacts and FAQ

HR Connections – STD plan provisions, claims filing and claims denial, Employee Health Report and Return to Work Release
Phone: (855) 480-6634

The 2018 STD Summary Plan Document will be available in Feb. 2018.

LTD Contacts

Your Benefits Resources (YBR) – LTD coverage questions and claims filing
Phone: (800) 965-4421; (646) 254-3467 (for international callers)
Website: Your Benefits Resources (YBR)
The Hartford – Questions after filing LTD claims
Phone: (800) 741-4306
Website: The Hartford

Important Plan Information

Please note that many of our plans have the same or similar terms, which are located in the separate Other Information booklet. To fully understand this plan, it’s important that you review both booklets noted with an “*” and the Other Information booklet and SMMs, which together compose the plan’s Summary Plan Description.