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Dental Plan

The Dental Plan provides coverage for regular checkups, basic, restorative, and major services and orthodontia.

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Dental Plan Premiums

See the monthly premiums below (effective January 1, 2017 to December 31, 2017) to compare plan pricing:

Plan You only You +1 You +2 or more
Phillips 66 Dental Plan $6.00 $14.00 $24.00
Out-of-Area* Dental Plan $6.00 $14.00 $24.00

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*Available to those without access to at least 2 dentists within 10 miles of their home ZIP code.

Dental Plan

With the Dental Plan, you have coverage for basic preventive services such as teeth cleaning and X-rays, and comprehensive services such as fillings and oral surgery.

Using the Plan

Use the links below to access plan benefits and services.



MetLife – Locate network provider and access claims information
Phone: (855) 837-6381
Website: MetLife


Onsite Dental Services


If you are in or visiting the Houston office, we provide access to onsite dental services through WellSmiles:
The Dental Office at Phillips 66
Phone: (713) 377-6420
Address: 2331 CityWest Blvd., South Tower, 2nd Floor
Houston, TX 77042

Out of Area Zip Code List

The Out-of-Area Plan is available to those without access to at least 2 dentists within 10 miles of their home ZIP code.

Out of Area Zip Code List

Important Plan Information

Please note that many of our plans have the same or similar terms, which are located in the separate Other Information booklet. To fully understand this plan, it’s important that you review both booklets noted with an “*” and the Other Information booklet and SMMs, which together compose the plan’s Summary Plan Description.