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Wellness Programs

Phillips 66 offers a comprehensive package of well-being programs to help you maintain good health and live well. Our well-being programs are confidential, completely voluntary and provided by the company at no cost to you and your dependents.

Health & Well-Being Tools

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Wellness Incentive Program

The Wellness Incentive Program is changing for 2017.

  • Monthly Payroll Credit: You will receive the 2017 wellness incentive credit based on the points accumulated under the program in 2016.
  • One-time Payroll Credit: If you complete and submit a biometric screening in 2017 by November 30, 2017, you will receive a one-time $100 payroll credit*.
Up to $75 monthly payroll credit**, depending on points earned in 2016.

  • 1 - 100 points: $0
  • 101 - 200 points: $25
  • 201 - 300 points: $50
  • 301 or more points: $75

*All Phillips 66 employees are eligible to participate in this program. The one-time $100 payroll credit will be reported as taxable income to you (excludes inpats, temporary and intermittent employees).

**The monthly payroll credits are only available to employees who enroll in the Consumer Plan, PPO Plan and Kaiser.



Phone: (888) 321-1529
Website: My Health Resource

Biometric Screenings

A preventive biometric screening measures key health factors — from blood pressure and cholesterol to body mass and blood sugar — to help you identify risk factors for future health issues early. Phillips 66 covers the cost of this screening.

If you miss the onsite screening, you can also download a physician screening form from this site for your doctor to complete.

Fitness Reimbursement Program

The fitness reimbursement program reimburses you and your eligible dependents for 100% of the cost of a fitness membership up to $300 in reimbursement per person.



Phone: (877) 924-3967
Website: WageWorks

Additional Well-Being Programs

We offer other programs to help you improve, manage and maintain your health.

Beneplace Employee Discount Program

Like the fitness reimbursement program, the Employee Discount program offers savings on gym memberships.



Website: Beneplace

Well-Being Programs for participants enrolled in the Consumer Plan or PPO Plan

Aetna and BlueCross BlueShield also offer well-being programs for participants.

Aetna and BCBS


Phone: (855) 267-4184
Website: Aetna Navigator
Phone: (855) 594-4233
Website: BCBS

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