Phillips 66 Company

Getting Married

Getting married can be one of most joyous events in your life — and also one of the most stressful! In addition to all the decisions around wedding arrangements, you will also want to think about how this event will affect your Phillips 66 benefits coverage.

To Change Benefits Coverage

To make changes to your benefits coverage:

Phone: (800) 965-4421;
(646) 254-3467 (for international callers),
8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. CT, Monday – Friday

Website: UPoint

What to Consider

To help you think about how your life change will affect you, review the following list.

Ask Yourself Take Action
Are you changing your last name and/or address?
  • Change your last name and address on file with Phillips 66 through HR Connections at 1-855-480-6634. See Status Changes.
  • Update your personal information through your local Social Security Administration office and Department of Motor Vehicles.
Will you need to make changes to your Phillips 66 benefits coverage? The changes available to you, and the deadline for making changes, depend on your situation.
Whose health care coverage best meets your needs? If your spouse has employer-provided coverage, compare plans to see which coverage best suits your needs.
Will your health care and/or daycare expenses increase? Consider if you’ll need to contribute or increase contributions to the Health Care and Dependent Care FSAs.
Do you need to increase the amount of your life and/or AD&D insurance coverage? If you already have dependent life coverage, your spouse is automatically covered. You might also consider electing spouse AD&D insurance.
Will you be adjusting your retirement savings goals? With a growing family, you may want to re-evaluate your saving and investing strategy.
Will you need to update your beneficiary designation? With the change in your family situation, it’s a good idea to ensure your beneficiary designations are current.
Will you need to update your W-4?
  • Change your marital status or number of exemptions for income tax purposes by updating your W-4 through My HR Tools.
How are you managing the transition? Even a happy life change, like marriage, can be stressful. Keep in mind that Resources for Living has information and tools to assist you during this time.
Do your financial goals need adjusting due to recent changes?